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Cranberry Moscow Mule

There is no rule saying that a Moscow Mule is specifically meant for summer. In fact, no cocktail is specifically for any season. With a few tweak of ingredients, cocktail recipes are probably the most versatile.

You are going to love this drink! Tart cranberries are the perfect counterpart to zesty ginger. It's just so delicious, and gorgeous, too!


  • Lime Juice - Fresh juice is a must for this drink! Do not use bottled juice.

  • Vodka - Feel free to use your fave vodka for this drink, our choice would definitely be something locally made, like Baby X.

  • Cranberry Juice - Make sure to use sweetened cranberry juice for this recipe, otherwise your drink will be super tart.

  • Ginger Beer - It's important to use a really good quality ginger beer (NOT ginger ale) for this recipe. We recommend Fever Tree or Hollows & Fentimans

  • Garnish - Serve this cocktail as-is or add an easy garnish, like fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.


  • Fill your copper mug about ¾ full with ice.

  • Then, squeeze in ½ ounce of lime juice. This is going to be about half a good sized, juicy lime.

  • Add two ounces of vodka.

  • Top that off with the two ounces of cranberry juice.

  • Add four ounces of ginger beer.

  • Give your cocktail a good stir with a bar spoon or stir stick. Then, it's time for the garnishes.

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