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Stemless Wine Glasses

By now you've seen these trendy glasses readily available at your favorite store or customized by many Instagram and Etsy sellers. But are they really an all purpose wine glass?

Technically, yes, but let's break down why you might not want to serve everything in this glass.

The purpose of a stem is to help aid in the swirling, which expedites the aeration process. It's other purpose is to provide a place for you to hold so your hand doesn't raise the temperature of the wine. This isn't such an issue when drinking red because it's not generally chilled. Even if it is, it shouldn't be anywhere near the temperature of white. Drinking wine is a journey, a journey that begins when the wine is first poured into the glass and oxygen is introduced. Interrupting that journey is like taking a detour and never being able to truly find the road again - once a wine is warmed, it can never get back to that natural process of "opening." Basically, even though red can be served at higher temperatures, stemless glasses aren't the best choice if your intention is to have an experience.

So why would the stemless glass even be invented? Well it's simple really. It's use was meant for a more casual setting, like a picnic or a patio party, where the purpose of drinking wine is just to have a good time and not analyze every sip that you take.

Whether you're using a stemless glass for red wine, white wine, or anything else, it doesn't actually matter! What does matter is that you enjoy your beverage.

And if you're looking to have some stemless glasses customized with your own sayings, send us an email. We can make them for you if you live in the Edmonton area!

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