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Wine Wednesday - July 14, 2021

Welcome to our very first wine Wednesday blog series! Every Wednesday we'll feature a wine that we are loving and will have 10% off until the following Tuesday. So let's jump right in to our first feature.

This week we're introducing you to Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose from the Pfalz region of Germany.

The Pfalz region has often been referred to as the "Tuscany of Germany" because it is very warm and sunny. This rosé is a true rosé, made with a brief maceration before pressing to extract colour. It is light and refreshing, with deliciously bright berry and fruit flavours and a clean zippy finish. According to James Suckling, who rated this 90 points by the way, there is pretty, berry and floral notes, a juicy palate with lively citrusy acidity, supported by a gentle spritz.

This gorgeous wine is clean, pure, focused and extremely food friendly. Food friendly? What does that even mean? Well, it means you can pair this wine with anything from pepperoni pizza to thai noodle curry or couscous to focaccia. Anything!

Stop by the store to get this amazing bottle on sale until July 20.

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